Amazon Home Services Marketplace

Amazon has launched its Home Services (formerly Amazon Local Services). If you are looking for voice lessons, yoga classes, furniture assemble, mounting wall televisions, setting up baby gates, house keeping or even assembling those products you buy … [Read more...]

Small Business Lessons From Coca-Cola

Innovation Never Ends When does a successful company come to the point at which it can rest on its laurels and coast? Never, according to Muhtar Kent, CEO of the Coca-Cola Co. When he took over the reins of the soft drink giant four years ago, it … [Read more...]

Big Break For Small Business Suppliers

An exciting new opportunity has been created for small business owners. The ability to offer their products or services to large corporations is a big boost to businesses that would otherwise not be able to even put their foot in the doors of big … [Read more...]

The Future Of Apple Without Steve Jobs

What does the future of Apple look like without Steve Jobs? Analysts are predicting a very bright future. Today, Apple is worth $377.83 billion dollars. Share prices are fluctuating between $401 - $409.  It is the largest company in the world and … [Read more...]

Quickbooks Merchant Services Developer Earns Reward

On August 31, 2011, Hugh Molotsi received the "Founders Innovation Award," for his role in the development of Quickbooks Merchant Services. An employee of Intuit for many years, Hugh discovered a business problem by talking to business owners about … [Read more...]

Bringing Bright Minds Together

Collaboration—with a capital C. In today’s business environment, what’s not to like about the concept of sharing information, asking questions, bouncing around bits of nascent, not-quite-formed ideas? Whether it’s formal, sit-down-at-a-table … [Read more...]

The Value of Scarcity and Uniqueness in Business

Auctions can bring hefty prices for unique, rare items. Recently, a manual typewriter fetched the amount of $254,000. Why the astronomical price? You may wonder about this because living in the digital age, who needs a typewriter? Possibly … [Read more...]

Developing Strong Leadership Skills

Having good leadership skills does not come easy. It is a long, ongoing process that consists of research and internalizing what was read and learned.  Training an individual to become a leader by learning from past and present leaders is one of the … [Read more...]