Health Coverage Up In The Air

With President Trump hinting at dismantling President Obama’s Affordable Care Act health care plan, what’s the use of buying coverage now, even if you feel you need it?

The best reason is that health care is fickle. Today you may be able to get by and wait out the changes. But tomorrow you may be facing significant health care issues. That’s the nature of insurance of any kind. But with health care now being a huge consideration in your personal finances, it doesn’t pay to treat it lightly while waiting for the chips to fall.

If you are facing decisions regarding your own health insurance arrangements, make the potential for need the major factor, not the current haziness of what happens next in Washington D.C. It may take months or even years for the change in policis to settle out and you don’t want to risk a health disaster in the meanwhile, experts advise.

No changes are expected within the coming year, at least. The Republican-controlled Congress has indicated it will provide a transition period of a year or more, even if Trump should opt to repeal ACA soon after he is inaugurated. Congress also is toying with the idea of a replacement act that would significantly alter ACA. The future is too cloudy to base health care decisions on the “what-ifs.” Cutting funding now for the national program would leave millions of Americans without health care resources, and that’s a scenario even Trump may want to avoid.

More than 10 million Americans covered through and state markets that offer subsidized private insurance will see no changes. Also safe for the moment are those low-income persons covered by Medicaid.

The 2017 premium prices, which incorporate huge increases, were set months ago and have already been approved by the relevant agencies. Some people are looking at short-term coverage outisde the ACA exchanges. They generally cost less but also cover less. Those who choose this option are exposed to the possibility of being fined for being, to all intents and purposes, uninsured. But they are covered for major health expenses.

Those who are still uninsured when 2017 rolls along face penalties of $695 per adult or more, depending on household income. But the payment isn’t due until tax time 2018, and by then major changes in the national program may have taken effect. Trump has expressed particular opposition to this aspect of ACA.

The future is not clear, but your need for health care coverage is. Make your decisions accordingly.

Investment Trends For Personal Finance In 2016

Investment Trends For 2016

Investment Trends For 2016

What’s happening in the world matters to your personal finances. The larger socioeconomic trends filter down to your own pocketbook whether or not you want them to. Following are current trends that may affect your finances over the next five years, according to the experts:

Interest income will continue to be dismal.

Cash and savings accounts are being affected by global debt, aging populations and low energy prices. Countries have lowered interest rates they pay on short-term notes, in some cases paying negative interest rates. That means the lenders have to pay a fee to own debt securities. The results trickle down to the individual. To offset, the experts advise that you modestly increase your allocation to global stocks and real estate.

Too much information can swamp you.

Technology makes an excess of data available through blogs, social media and emails. With so many options and relatively easy access to competitive products, analysis paralysis can cloud decisions. Turn off the “cookies” feature in your browser and avoid an overabundance of ads.

The costs of investing will continue to drop.

In the investing world, where so many factors are beyond the control of individuals, it is smart to lower expenses in hopes of increasing returns. But cost isn’t the only factor. Consistent savings, investment diversification and comfort with volatility are also to be considered. The experts say that instead of focusing solely on low fees, you should create an investment strategy that aligns with your goals.

Life insurance costs are going up.

Insurance companies earning less on their portfolios may opt for premium increases for whole and term life policies. The companies make their money on premium income and investment performance and they share the pain with customers when things are not going well for them. To counter, you might consider buying term insurance for the longest time span that makes sense to you. Term life, unlike whole life and other so-called permanent policies, has no cash component and usually expires after a set number of years, so it usually is cheaper. If you want permanent life insurance, look at a variably policy from a lower-cost but reliable provider. You then take a moderate risk over a longer time and grow the policy’s investment.

Buying Your Own Health Insurance

Buying your own health insurance is not the easiest thing to do. Because of the economy and the huge number of people who currently do not have health insurance, finding your own health insurance is something you may have to do.

First of all, you probably feel quite vulnerable without health insurance. Being human, we are all just one accident or one major illness away from being rocked off our secure financial boat especially if you don’t have health insurance.

You may have been without health insurance months or possibly even years.  Maybe you were let go from your regular job because of company downsizing. Maybe you have tried to get insurance but you weren’t  the perfect healthy specimen that insurance companies want to offer individual policies to.

It can take you 30 seconds to have an accident where you can fall and hurt yourself.  When you break your ribs with that fall, it can cost you up to $9,500.  You’ll need an ambulance ride to the hospital, x-rays, and possibly a CAT scan. You might not even stay at the hospital for more than 24 hours and still have that large bill.  Needless to say, going without health insurance could very easily wipe out all of your savings and put you into debt you never dreamed of.

Say you had an accident and fell down your stairs and hit your head. This type of accident might cause internal bleeding in your brain and you might need surgery.  You might have to be in the hospital for a month. Your bills will mount faster than you could ever imagine and soon you are owing hundreds of thousands of dollars for your care.

When you buy health insurance, it’s not like going shopping for other types of insurance. There must be hundreds of car insurance offices near you, but health insurance offices are scarce. You might have to ask many people how to find out about buying your own health insurance. A simple solution to your problems is to try out This company is a referral company that links you with insurance companies that can meet your needs.  They are knowledgeable about many different companies offering insurance.  If you don’t get accepted with one company they can easily help  you apply for insurance with another company.

With one quick and simple application over the internet, you can eliminate your health insurance worries and anxieties. You can get the insurance you need and deserve. Don’t wait any longer to get your health insurance. The longer you wait, the more chances you have of being a victim of an accident or illness that could ruin you financially. Leave it to the experts to help you get what you need. Click on the image below and start protecting yourself today. I have used their services and highly recommend them.

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