Fraud And Liability Charges For Merchants

EMV credit cards are being accepted at over 78,000 merchants.

More and more credit and debit cards containing fraud-busting chips are showing up at the point of purchase. reports 78,800 merchants have installed EMV technology. That’s good news for most individuals, but have become a source of … [Read more...]

3-D Printing Coming Into Its Own

Accelerated 3D printing crafts objects from a pool of material.

As manufacturers catch on to the technology as faster and less expensive, 3-D printing is making significant inroads in the arena, applying it to high-volume manufacturing. The updated methods are … [Read more...]

Home Cleaning Services Booming

Startup Helpling offers a wide range of home cleaning services.

Online services that match people who want their homes cleaned and those who clean homes are beginning to bloom internationally. In just four months, Helpling, an on-demand home cleaning service headquartered in Berlin, Germany, has significantly … [Read more...]

Amazon Home Services Marketplace


Amazon has launched its Home Services (formerly Amazon Local Services). If you are looking for voice lessons, yoga classes, furniture assemble, mounting wall televisions, setting up baby gates, house keeping or even assembling those products you buy … [Read more...]

Small Businesses Also Get Hacked

Scott Schrober, CEO of Varitronic Systems,

Everyone has heard, read about or seen the multi analyses of the disastrous computer breaches at JP Morgan Chase, Target and Home Depot, but what about the small businesses that have suffered similar (possibly greater when you consider scale) … [Read more...]

Small Business Hires Are Up

For some time, financial experts have been predicting a surge in hiring among small businesses. Now it’s happening. As the demand for their products and services swell, the companies are leaving behind their post-recession caution and stepping up … [Read more...]

Women Starting Businesses At Unmatched Growth Rate

From 1997 to 2014, the number of American businesses owned by women rose an amazing 68 percent, twice the rate of increase shown by their male counterparts, according to a study based on U. S. Census Bureau figures. Every day, about 1,288 … [Read more...]

Getting Your Small Business Out of the Starting Gate

The hardest part of starting any business is getting it up and running and out of the starting gate. Just the thought of that obstacle is enough to keep a lot of people from even trying in the first place. But there are ways that you can make your … [Read more...]