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Plan Ahead For Holiday Travel

If travel is part of your holiday plans, the time to act is now. The cheapest, most convenient travel plans begin early. Prices already are starting to climb and if past experience holds, the demand for airline seats will become pricey as Thanksgiving gets onto the holiday radar. If you have expectations to travel between […]

How Wise Are Lengthy Auto Loans?

When you buy a new car with terms stretching five years or even more, what are the financial consequences? Obviously, you’ll pay more interest. But in the meantime, your earnings likely will grow and the monthly payments will be more affordable. You might be able to increase your payments, erasing the effects of the interest. […]

Education Key To Women’s Financial Savvy

Not all of a woman’s characteristics in life are genetically determined, especially when it comes to personal finances. All kinds of examples, some of them very bad, enter into the equation. Lack of training leaves many females floundering when it comes to money. If it has never been an issue before, many females suddenly find […]

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Saving Money

Where To Watch Star Wars Online

Are you wondering how you can watch Star Wars Movies at home? You could buy the popular video series from Amazon, but that would cost you up to $100. You can’t watch it on Netflix, Hulu, or HBO or M-GO. The easiest and cheapest way is to use a sell and buy back system offered […]

Watch Out For These Money Drains

Many Americans feel they can’t build savings because there simply isn’t money left after the essentials are covered. But with a little creative effort, you can find a bit here and a bit there to stash away. With personal saving at its lowest level since 2001 (expected to fall below 1 percent by the end […]

Amazon Home Services Marketplace

Amazon has launched its Home Services (formerly Amazon Local Services). If you are looking for voice lessons, yoga classes, furniture assemble, mounting wall televisions, setting up baby gates, house keeping or even assembling those products you buy at Ikea, now you can order them directly on Amazon. You can list your services on Amazon if […]

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Retirement Tips

How Secure Is Social Security?

Social Security is 80 years old and many Americans are fearful that the old age benefit might die of old age. Surveys show that fewer than half of Americans feel confident that the program will stay equal to or become better than it is today, according to the Employee Benefit Research Institute. But the institute’s […]

Avoid Retirement Glitches

When it comes to retirement, there are as many “don’ts”as there are “do’s.” Avoiding common mistakes in your retirement planning could help ease you into a happy situation. Here are suggestions that will help you skirt the pitfalls: When you consider retirement, don’t be in a hurry to start collecting Social Security. If you request […]

Retirement Coming? Be Sure You’re Ready

For many workers, retirement seems an ethereal, distant eventuality that doesn’t require much thought. Don’t you believe it. It comes and it comes sooner than most Americans are ready for it. According to a USA Today article, about a third of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings and investments to fund their retirement, aside […]

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