Building Wealth

Protect Your Investments

Depreciating Assets Can Hurt Your Finances

Everyone has them— depreciating assets. What are they? Assets that lose value over time rather than gaining value. It isn’t possible, it seems, to avoid purchasing a car, major appliances and electronics. They are financial realities. However, the trick is to purchase what you need rather than what you want and to be aware up […]

Get Out Of Debt

Managing Debt

New Restraints On Debt Collectors To Aid Consumers

If you believe a debt collection company is not treating you right, who you gonna call? As of Jan. 2, 2013, it should be the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a federal agency that is expanding its responsibilities to include oversight of debt collectors. Congress has authorized the agency to identify and prevent practices harmful to […]

People Taking Control Of Their Futures


Protect Yourself Against Check Fraud

Check fraud is such a hot topic that Hollywood made a movie about it. The 2002 film, “Catch Me If You Can,” starred Leonardo DiCaprio as master fraud artist Frank Abagnale and Tom Hanks as the FBI agent who chased him all over the world. It was filmdom’s way of putting the spotlight on a […]

Money Management

Banks Put Holds On Checking Accounts

Debit Card Pre-Authorization Holds

You insert your debit card. You pump the gas. You cringe (the current average price- per-gallon for premium is $3.62) and you leave the filling station assuming the $40 total will be subtracted from the balance in your debit card account. Simple, right? What you don’t know is that behind the scenes, computers are doing […]


Take a Good Look Before Refinancing Your Mortgage

Thinking about refinancing your mortgage to pay off credit card debt? Don’t jump too fast. There are factors that make such a financial leap a very bad idea. On the face of it, it seems a good idea to swap “bad” credit card debt for an extension of your mortgage, which is generally viewed as […]


Managing Credit Is Essential

The successful financial management of a household in a day of easy credit depends to a large degree on controlling the credit load you acquire. The amount of money being paid on credit card debt compared with income is a critical figure that household managers often don’t know, or simply ignore and it can lead […]

Personal Finance

Make Your Kids Money-Wise

When you start thinking about the facts of life that your children need to know, remember that money is one of those facts. It’s the rare human being who doesn’t need to know, early or late, how to manage personal finances. And in this case, early is always better. A foundation in finance can protect […]

Protecting Your Money So It Can Grow In Value

Don’t Let Lifestyle Inflation Overwhelm Your Finances

So often, people watch their careers flourish and their incomes grow – but no matter how fast they do, somehow their overall financial situation seems to go nowhere. Sometimes, it even gets worse. How can that be? It’s called lifestyle inflation, a kind of financial cancer that can render your finances a complete wreck, even […]

Powerful Budgets Help You Get What You Want

We all have them: Expenses we can’t sidestep, things we would like to have and long-term hopes and plans that require up-front planning. That’s what budgeting is all about. It gives you a clear picture of what you have, what you must spend and what’s left over for those things that are only dreams in […]