Personal Finance Tips

Giving Money to Relatives Or Friends Common

Opening one’s wallet to help a family member or friend is “a hidden dimension of the financial system,” according to a study from the Pew Charitable Trust. “Transfers of money across household lines are really important for keeping families afloat.” 25% Of Households Lent to Friends Or Family. About 25 percent of American households gave […]

5 Excuses Keeping You From Being Debt-Free

There are many reasons why you may be stuck in debt and they’re not all necessarily related to the state of your finances. In fact, your money woes may be exacerbated by your mindset. Your beliefs are often what guide you, and if you’re carrying around problematic ones, you’ll have a much harder time getting […]

Investment Trends For Personal Finance In 2016

What’s happening in the world matters to your personal finances. The larger socioeconomic trends filter down to your own pocketbook whether or not you want them to. Following are current trends that may affect your finances over the next five years, according to the experts: Interest income will continue to be dismal. Cash and savings […]

Self Improvement

Compulsive Shopping May Be Sign Of Trouble

If you start shopping and can’t quit, there could be serious complications ahead. Losing control of shopping habits indicates an impulse control disorder that is similar to addictive disorders, but without the drugs. Factors That May Increase Behavior A multiplicity of social and cultural factors may enter the picture by increasing the addictive behavior. One […]

The Best Work-At-Home Opportunities

How to find a job that will pad your family’s income while you remain at home? There has never been more opportunity, but also there have never been the number of scams. Used to be the best chances lay with stuffing envelopes, now there are dozens of at-home jobs that are just a mouse click […]

Use Your Time Productively

Six ways to make your time more effective: Don’t touch things twice If you have a note to make a phone call, make the call. Don’t save emails to deal with later. Although there could be exceptions, right now is almost always the best time to act. Picking things up twice demands that you go […]

Plan For Retirement

Retirement Planning With Bridge Jobs

For many Americans, the jump from employment to retirement means getting a bridge job. A bridge job is a bridge between full-time work and retirement for workers who are approaching full retirement but are not quite ready to totally leave the workforce. For some, that interim step can last for years. Retirement is no longer […]

How Safe Is Your Pension?

For years, you worked hard on the assumption that when you were ready for retirement, a company pension would finance the final years of your life. It was a comforting cushion. Now imagine that the cushion has disappeared. Your employer regrets to inform you that there has been a mistake and the amount of your […]

How Secure Is Social Security?

Social Security is 80 years old and many Americans are fearful that the old age benefit might die of old age. Surveys show that fewer than half of Americans feel confident that the program will stay equal to or become better than it is today, according to the Employee Benefit Research Institute. But the institute’s […]