Personal Finance

A $40 increase in income means a lot.

What Would $40 Do For You?

If Congress doesn’t extend the payroll tax cut, it will mean a typical family earning $50,000 annually will lose about $40 per pay period to Uncle Sam. In this day and age, is $40 even worth quibbling about? A White House open survey of American households indicates that $40 can, in fact, mean a lot […]

Smart-card-based credit card payment systems improve security.

Liability Shift In Credit Card Fraud

Due to massive losses that have occurred through large-scale credit card data breaches, there will be a change in credit card liability. Beginning on October 1, 2015, a shift in liability places the responsibility for fraudulent credit card charges on the merchant and/or banks that don’t use new technology to accommodate chip-based credit cards. The […]

Make sure you take all the deductions allowed when you are self employed.

Tax Breaks For the Self-Employed

The segue from holidays to tax time is fast. If you are self-employed or if you freelance to supplement your income, you can make the move smooth by being prepared in advance to take advantage of the tax breaks offered to those in this category. If you work at home, the government might subsidize what […]

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Saving Money

Dave Ramsey recommends having an emergency fund of three to six months of expenses in place.

Let A Good Budget Be Your Guide

A budget is not the enemy. It is a road map that can keep you from crashing into the roadblocks that cause economic strain for many Americans, according to a set of “Your Life, Your Money” interviews. Without one, you’re flying blind. Rule Number One of personal finance is a simple one: You can’t spend […]

Cut costs on your utility bills.

5 Tips To Cut Housing Costs

If you’re a typical family, you spend about 33 percent – about $17,000 per year – of your income on housing. That doesn’t mean just the mortgage or rent payment, but all of those related costs that are the natural result of living in a home. Here are some tricks you can call on to […]

Smaller sized Coca Cola containers mean larger prices per ounce.

Coke Fans Now Pay More For Less

Amid growing health concerns about the effects of popular soda pops, many Americans are cutting back on the number of refreshing sips they allow themselves daily. And some of the producers of such products are paying attention. Both Coke and Pepsi, the largest of the carbonated drinks purveyors, now offer smaller cans and bottles of […]

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Retirement Tips

Plan carefully for your retirement.

Retirement Planning For Women

Concerns about having enough savings to finance a worry-free retirement plague many women. According to Donna Phelan, 62, who has guided many women through the process as she has worked with several large Wall Street investment firms. She has even written a book on the topic, “Women, Money & Prosperity: A Sister’s Perspective On How […]

Proper planning for retirement really helps alleviate stress.

Letting The Present Rob The Future

The comparative wealth of Americans born into the post-World War II economy is taking a toll on retirement expectations. With the greatest economy known to history, Americans have tended to become a “gimme more” population, a condition that is reflected in soaring national debt and near-depletion of some natural resources. The national stress is often […]


Will You Work Past Retirement?

There’s a new term going around among economy experts. “Unretirement.” It has to do with Americans who have reached ordinary retirement age, but haven’t retired. Chris Farrell of MarketPlace thinks it’s a good thing that will help in the country’s recovery from the recession that began in 2008. Not only does prolonged working benefit the […]

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