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Annual Price Of Raising A Child

That Darling Newborn Will Cost You $233K Ah! Isn’t he/she cute? But take a closer look at what that darling little one is going to cost you over the next 17 years. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, the estimated costs of rearing a child today is $233,610. That’s about $14,000 annually. The […]

Beware Of Holiday Fraud

The happiest time of the year also is the most opportune for those who wreak fraud on the rest of us. With people spending more, traveling more and donating more to charities, they are looking for ways to dip into your holiday spending money, warns the Better Business Bureau. The bureau advises extra caution. Don’t […]

Benefit From Falling Food Prices

Food prices are dropping, and grocers are taking steps to use the decline to woo new customers. You might put the information to good use to make your food dollars go further. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported an overall drop in grocery costs of 2 percent over last year. Among the biggest declines […]

Personal Finance Tips

Finances Change With Divorce

Unfortunately, in a society where divorce is common, no one expects women to be expert in personal finances. They tend to know more about weight loss, cooking and other traditionally feminine matters. But, according to, knowing about money and how to manage it (especially when a divorce may have drastically cut your resources) can […]

More Young Adults Live With Parents

For the past century and more, young adults were prone to leave the nest and set up housekeeping for themselves. Now, they are more likely to be residents in the family home, either as singles or with a spouse, according to the Pew Research Center. Young Adults Waiting To Get Married The phenomenon, statistically changing […]

Quit Making Excuses. Be Debt-Free

Excuses are one of the most available of commodities. Easy to find. Easy to use. But if they are what’s keeping you from becoming free of debt, ditch them and get on with making your personal finances more healthy. Sometimes, it’s attitude more than finances that keep you shackled to debt. Some self-examination of your […]

Money Management

Small Businesses Look At Health Care Costs

Autumn. That wonderful time of year for colorful trees, an abatement of unbearably hot weather and the return of children to their schools. For small business owners, the season also means a return to the anxious wait to see if their health insurance rates for employees will go up. And if so, by how much? […]

Health Care Spending Per Person Hits New High

Health Care Problem For New President Whoever wins the current presidential election will inherit a scary health care reality when he/she takes office. For the first time in history, health care spending in America has topped, on average, $10K per person. That means the new president will be stuck with an unprecedented problem in how […]

Building A Good Credit Score

Building a good credit score doesn’t happen overnight. There are steps you can take to assure good credit from the outset and establish yourself on a positive note. They include: Credit Reports Check to see if you have a credit report. You could have established credit without being aware of it. For instance, if you […]