Personal Finance

ATM fees have risen 5%

ATM Fees, Overdraft Fees Add Costs To Poor Financial Planning

ATM Bank fees are on the rise again. The average cost for ATM withdrawals out of network is now $4.35 per transaction. completed their 17th annual Checking Survey and reported that average ATM charges have risen 5% over the past year. ATM Charges Greg McBride, Chief Financial Analyst for Bank rate reported that ATM […]

Plan Ahead For Tailgating Parties

Tailgate To Double The Football Fun

Tailgating has become part of the traditional excitement during the annual football frenzy. And you can do it in style at a lower cost if you plan ahead and take advantage of shopping specials. When budgeting for a tailgate affair, be sure you have food, gear, games, gas and parking all on the list. Then […]

Business Ideas

For some time, financial experts have been predicting a surge in hiring among small businesses. Now it’s happening. As the demand for their products and services swell, the companies are leaving behind their post-recession caution and stepping up hiring, economists report. The growth in the small business arena also is reflected in a spate of […]

Money Management

use wisely

Credit Cards Get Sensible

Americans seem to have learned something from the Great Recession that began in 2008. Before that landmark crises, they were going mad with credit cards, racking up personal debt that left them hamstrung when the economy went bonkers. Afterward, they became more frugal, financial experts noted. And now, with the crises apparently over, they are […]


Know the Rules About 401(k) and IRA Withdrawals

For millions of Americans, 401(K) and/or IRA accounts figure largely in their retirement plans. But the two methods of saving are regulated by different rules and knowing those rules is important when you are ready to take money out of the accounts. A 401(k) may be involved in your employment compensation package and many employees […]


Know About Your Social Security Benefits

FICA is an acronym known to everyone who works for pay. It’s that little bit of money that disappears from your paycheck each time. Most people have a vague sense that this money is held back by the government to aid in your retirement. But not everyone knows how it works. Don’t expect a lot […]

Building Wealth

Depreciating Assets Can Hurt Your Finances

Everyone has them— depreciating assets. What are they? Assets that lose value over time rather than gaining value. It isn’t possible, it seems, to avoid purchasing a car, major appliances and electronics. They are financial realities. However, the trick is to purchase what you need rather than what you want and to be aware up […]

Get Out Of Debt

Which Debts Should You Pay Off First?

There is all kinds of advice floating around as to which debts you should pay off first. Most advisors seem to have a preference for paying off credit cards or mortgages ahead of other types of debt. There may be no right and wrong when it comes to paying off debt – after all, paying […]

People Taking Control Of Their Futures

Free Checking? Try A Credit Union

Finding a financial institution that offers free checking is usually not hard, and many credit unions are joining the ranks, making it even easier. And the fees associated with checking where it isn’t free are plateauing, according to an article in The 2014 Credit Union Checking Survey conducted by Bankrate reported that 72 percent […]