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Sheltie Checks

Having a Sheltie check is a great way to express your love for your Sheltie. Every time you look at your new checks, remember your sweet dog. At Cool Checks, you can get different designs of checks along with different images of Shelties taken by professionals.

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The Sheltie is a great companion. It is intensely loyal and is lively, strives hard to please its masters and very smart. They can be aloof with strangers however but if trained well, they can be very friendly to visitors as well. The love to herd and chase things and that includes ducks, squirrels, and other small animals. They also herd children from time to time especially when there are lots of kids around. Apart from herding kids they do not know, they also love to run around in open spaces such as parks and fields. But what kind of owner is best for Shelties? These dogs love to play so you must be very playful as well. Owners who are sensitive and attentive is what they require because they want to be busy with something. You should also be able to give your Sheltie lots of exercise by walking him every day. Shelties are very intelligent. In fact, they belong to the top 5 most intelligent dogs. Studies show that Shelties can understand commands even if it's the first time a certain command the see it. These dogs learn rather quick making them great pets.

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