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Top Stub Checks

Keeping an accurate account of how much you are spending via checks is absolutely essential to good money management. Cool Checks offers the perfect solution for you. Our top stub personal checks come with a section above your checks to record your payee information and check amount. This method of recording your checks is simple and easy to use. Our customers love this check format.

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Top Stub Check Designs

Cool Checks has almost 400 top stub check designs you can choose among, ranging from the understated plain checks in a variety of colors to a wide choice of specialty designs. For personal checks, choose among animals, sea life, art, food, flowers, Americana or wildlife. Or make your top stub checks a platform to proclaim your special interests each time you write a check. There are sports of all kinds, religious sentiments, African heritage, breast cancer, etc. that make your checkbook an advertisement for what matters to you.

Feed your appetite for whimsy and order check designs in the top stub check format with flowers, pink girly things or true love. There is a check, for instance, that includes a puckered kiss in the corner. Or one that features replicas of dollar bills, and isn't that what checks are all about? Share your cheery attitude toward life with the popular smiley face emblems.

Cool Checks offers inexpensive, cheap prices and you can save on the costs of shipping. We promise fast check delivery and free shipping on many products.