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Thanks for shopping at Coolchecks.net today. You will find some of the most popular categories of personal checks on this page.

So many checks, so many topics. But narrowing down to the one that perfectly says "This is me" is no trick at all. Simply find the category that comes closest and then browse until you've found the check you want to keep in your purse or wallet and to pass along to others as needed to conduct your personal business.

Animal lovers, fantasy fans, flower admirers, sunset and scenery lovers, music maniacs, whimsy afficionados and sports nuts have all been considered and the list grows longer. If you have a burning devotion to some charitable cause, you can keep it at the fore with a personal check that memorializes it. If your approach is on the understated side, choose a "plain Jane" check. And the list goes on. It would be hard to find a category that doesn't appear on the lists of available checks. Just find the one that is a tangible reminder each time you write a check of something that matters to you.

Checks People Love

You may enjoy knowing what people search for the most. Don't laugh, but the two most searched words are cheap checks and checks. We need to disregard those searches. The next most popular searches are: hello kitty, zebra, breast cancer, skulls, beach, skull, music, Disney, horse, firefighter, Betty Boop, peace, pink, fire, owl, horses, Harley Davidson, butterfly, angels, ELVIS, butterflies, golf and Nascar. Since there have been 79,822 searches done for checks since we started to track this feature. We are always trying to provide you with the best information for you to make your check ordering easier. Hopefully this helps in some way.

Some people are concerned that personal checks are going out of style, but sales figures have said otherwise. They are still popular with thousands of people.

Be sure you have all the information you need before you order your checks. This means that you need the name of your bank. That shouldn't be difficult to get. Then you need your checking account number which is printed on your checks and this shouldn't be hard to get. Some people get confused about where they might find their bank's routing numbers. This can be a series of nine numbers and is generally located on checks and is the first series of numbers in the lower left hand corner. Be sure you use the right numbers to avoid any confusion or loss of time in getting your checks delivered to you in the mail.

Start shopping now. Happy hunting!