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Pug Checks

Playful adorable Pugs and Pug puppies romp and roam all over these fun checks. A Pug's enjoyable and entertaining personality brings excitement to personalized checks.

Pug Personal ChecksPug Personal Checks
Starting At: $13.95
Pug Series Personal ChecksPug Series Personal Checks
Starting At: $17.95
Colorful Pug Personal ChecksColorful Pug Personal Checks
Starting At: $17.95
Pug Dogs Personal ChecksPug Dogs Personal Checks
Starting At: $6.99
Pug Mugs Personal ChecksPug Mugs Personal Checks
Starting At: $15.99

During the 18th century, Pugs were known to have long and lean bodies but in modern times, their small breed is known to have a compact square body with a deep chest and well-developed muscles. They have a short, wrinkly face with very strong legs and moderately laid back shoulders. Normally, their lower teeth protrude further compared to the upper teeth that meet in an under-bite.

The Pug's glossy coats can be silver, fawn, apricot or black. Typically, they have dark heads and dark forelegs and the markings on their bodies are clearly distinct. Their coat shedding differs from its various coat types and they all shed throughout the whole year. However, you can hold the shedding down through regular coat grooming.

Do not be fooled by the stern expression on a Pug's face because underneath this is a genuine sense of fun. These dogs are usually stubborn and playful, but they are known to be sociable and are charming to all. Pugs are clever and they are known to do well when it comes to dog obedience skills. They are also very sensitive to the human voice. Generally, Pugs prefer human companionship and favors human attention. They also become anxious and apprehensive whenever their owners pay no attention to them.

Whenever someone takes a look at their features, they always illustrate fun for people of all ages. Pugs have also been included in the media. Movies such as The Adventures of Milo and Otis as well as Men in Black both featured Pugs as primary characters. Even cartoons like Pocahontas, sitcoms like the King of Queens and advertisements such as those from Vodafone all brought out Pugs and made them popular pets.