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Designer Styles In Desk Set Checks

Desk set checks are personal or business checks that come in a 3-per page format. Usually desk set checks only come in singles and not duplicate checks. These checks have a stub on the left side of the check for you to record your transactions. Desk set checks are usually kept in a 3 ring or 7 ring binders. They are perfect for your home office expenses.

Where can I order Desk Set Checks? has a great selection of cheap desk set checks. Parchment desk set checks and standard blue safety desk set checks are the most popular checks ordered. If you want to add a little personality to your business checks, be sure to look at some of the elegant designs on the Executive Gray Desk Set Checks or the Renaissaince Desk Set checks. Both of these unique check designs give your checks a very professional image. These desk set checks come printed three on a page with receipt forms on the left side for easy accounting. Desk set checks offer you a convenient way to keep track of business expenses.