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Artistic Designer Checks

Our collection of cheap artistic designer checks cover a wide range of art. From ornate renaissance artwork in earth tones to Bohemian artwork, this line of personal checks provides an enjoyable browsing experience. Asian artwork and European works are also represented here. Coupon Codes - Free Shipping and 4th Box Free - At 4checks.com - Use Coupon Code DWF099.

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Fancy Scroll Personal ChecksFancy Scroll Personal Checks
Starting At: $13.95
Fleur de Lis Personal ChecksFleur de Lis Personal Checks
Starting At: $15.99
Ivy Personal ChecksIvy Personal Checks
Starting At: $20.95
Kyoto Personal ChecksKyoto Personal Checks
Starting At: $17.95
Boho Girl Personal ChecksBoho Girl Personal Checks
Starting At: $17.95
Dots!  Personal ChecksDots! Personal Checks
Starting At: $18.99
Zen Cheap Personal ChecksZen Cheap Personal Checks
Starting At: $18.99
Circles Personal ChecksCircles Personal Checks
Starting At: $20.95
Rainbow  Personal ChecksRainbow Personal Checks
Starting At: $6.99
Filigree Personal ChecksFiligree Personal Checks
Starting At: $20.95
Illusions Personal ChecksIllusions Personal Checks
Starting At: $20.99
Polka-Dots Personal ChecksPolka-Dots Personal Checks
Starting At: $18.99

Basic design shapes in our artistic checks feature a fun array of stars, circles, polka dots, diamonds, argyle and chevron patterns. Bright greens, pinks and blues add just the right amount of color to the artistic designs.

A paisley design is used in 13 of our personal checks. The paisley, a droplet-shaped vegetable motif of Persian origin looks like a twisted teardrop. The design has been used for centuries but became popular again when The Beatles traveled to India in 1968. After that there were paisley stickers and symbols used commonly by teenagers.

The fleur di lis pattern or flower of the lily, has been used since the twelfth century. It has been used on countless European coats of arms and flags over the centuries. Due to its three petals, the fleur-de-lis has also been used to represent the Holy Trinity. The pattern is also used on several of our personal check designs.

Retro designs are bold, eye-catching graphics created in a style called "retro art." The Adobe Illustrator program has made it easy for modern artists to make hundreds of fun designs that remind us of times past.

We can't leave out the beautiful watercolors, oil paintings and abstract art displayed in this collection. Even colorful crayons are stars here. With such a wide range of artwork, you may have a hard time choosing your favorites. All designs come with matching checkbook covers and address labels. Don't delay. Order your artistic checks today.