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Bull Mastiff Checks

Mastiffs are very big and powerful dogs but pleasantly, they are very loving creatures who will steal your heart away. If you are a dog lover and love with the Mastiff, get a Bull Mastiff check with an adorable dog poses!

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More About Mastiffs

The Bull Mastiff is a cross between the Old English Bulldog and the English Mastiff. The breed was developed for the main purpose of finding and immobilizing poachers. Today however the Bull Mastiff is one of the most popular family pets.

Bull Mastiffs are muscular dogs who weigh up to 130 pounds or more. They are very confident dogs who are usually strong-willed bordering to stubborn. They will question you whether who is in charge and will challenge your authority, in a cute way of course. They require a lot of attention and a lot of time though. However, these dogs are not for everyone.

These dogs thrive on affection and are a bit on the sensitive side as well. They are faithful, loyal and intelligent. Apart from that, they are very expressive of their emotions and are so much fun to be with. They, however, need to have dog training so that they will obey you. Since they are rather stubborn, if not taken care of the right way, they will only disobey you but of course they will love you nonetheless.

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