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Beagle Checks

Beagles may steal your heart when you play with them. They are the stars of our Beagle dog checks. With five different check designs to choose from your passion for Beagles can be expressed each and every time you write out a check. Whether you choose the photographs with Beagles or the illustrations of Beagle puppies for your personal checks, you'll enjoy these adorable dog checks.

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For more than 2,000 years now, the existence of beagle-type dogs have been acknowledged; however the beagle's development from several breeds took place in Great Britain in the early 1800's. The list of breeds included the Talbot Hound that was brought by William the Conqueror, as well as the North Country Beagle and the Southern Hound.

Beagles generally appear to be Foxhound-like in miniature. The only difference is the Beagle's broader head and shorter muzzle, its different expression as well as its shorter legs. Their jaws are strong while both the upper and lower teeth fit perfectly with each other, aligning squarely to its jaw. Often, Beagles have muscular bodies with a smooth coat that usually appears in different colors. Additionally, the Beagle is one breed of a dog that has a highly developed sense of smell.

However, a Beagle would often make a poor guard dog as it is easily won over even by strangers. They do have a steady temper as well as a gentle disposition. Often described as merry, they are neither fearful nor aggressive as they are good-natured dogs. Beagles develop a good relation with children, one of the main reasons why they make a great family pet.

Beagles are excellent on personalized checks as they have been featured in numerous works of media. Even during the 19th century, William Shakespeare and John Webster referred to this dog in their works while Alexander Pope included the breed in his translation of Homer's Iliad. Beagles have also appeared in famous cartoons and comic strips including Snoopy (known as "the world's most famous beagle"), Odie from Garfield and Beagle Boys from Walt Disney.

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