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Superman Checks

Superman checks reflect the image of a character from a comic book put out by DC Comics, owned by Warner Brothers Studios. He was first introduced to the public in 1932 and is considered to be the first American super hero. Created by Jerry Siegal and drawn by an American Artist, Joe Shuster, Superman has become a cultural icon.


During the great depression, Superman was seen as a character fighting social causes, crooked businessmen and politicians. His character took on qualities of other heroes like Hercules and Samson. Having a dual personality and originating from another planet, with non-human like strength, Superman soon became a hero to millions of people.

In 1940, the creators came to an agreement that Superman would be forever banned from killing anyone. With a strict moral character abiding to laws of the land and upholding good values, Superman has sometimes been seen as a "big blue boy scout." Occasionally thought of as a God like character, his humility and warmth are creatively portrayed through his character, Clark Kent. The Superman comic books became so popular that during World War II the Navy considered Superman comics one of the essential supplies for Marines stationed at the Midway Islands.

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