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Gary Patterson Checks

Gary Patterson, also known as the "Creator of Smiles" is an American painter and cartoonist that has been loved by his country and the whole world through his one-of-a-kind collections. With his wide array of cartoons such as cats, dogs and mice and other pets as well, most will be delighted with his playful characters.

Growing up in California, Gary devoted himself to art even as a child. His influences included his father's artistic and creative ability, and who was a cartoonist for the Los Angeles Fire Department as well as the US Navy. His family offered understanding, support and encouragement for Gary to pursue his imaginative knack for art. According to Gary himself, these are "the most important things to give to an artist". Believe it or not, when he was frustrated with his drawings, he would throw them the trash but his mother always took them back and hung them on their refrigerator.

For his subjects in drawing, he would focus on things that he is already familiar with such as sports illustrations because he has participated actively in sports, as well as pet illustrations because he has had a huge number of pets in his life.

During college, Gary went to UCLA as well as the Art Center College of Design for a little while. However, due to financial problems, he stopped his classes and learned everything on his own. He was highly recognized in different fields of art, but he later chose to concentrate on humor because he liked to make people smile. Throughout his career, Gary attained numerous prestigious awards and was accepted into the Los Angeles Museum of Art. However, he does not work for a large business. It is more of a family business where his sons are helping him on projects.

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