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Cockatoo Checks

These cute bird checks come with matching address labels and checkbook covers. Order your personal checks today.

Cockatoo owners have learned that these birds have the ability to love their owners so much that they will work for the reward of love. That requires pet owners to greet their Cockatoos with loving words and cuddles after they return from being gone. This strong bond between Cockatoos and human beings make them desirable pets. These Cockatoo checks will remind you of your special bird. However, if you know very little about them, here is a brief description of their breed.

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The cockatoo is a bird belonging to the bird family Cacatuidae. It is rather unusual name traces from its Malay origins since most of these birds are found in the Malay-Polynesian region. In Malay, these birds are called kaka(k)tua which means older sister, kakak being - sister - and tua meaning - old.

Cockatoos are usually found in Australia, where 11 of its 21 species live. The other species are situated on the countries of Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. For their habitat, they occupy a wide range. Most of them can be found in open countries and when drought sets in they migrate to farming areas. They also live on woodlands, rainforests, shrub lands and even alpine forests. Now, a few cockatoos can also be found on busy cities.

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