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Blank Checks

These affordable, blank business checks help you manage all your accounts with one check stock. Multi-purpose blank business checks cost less than custom printing, and work easily with your accounting software.

Blank business checks aid business owners in managing all their accounts. Since blank business checks do not have any custom print, you can use them for different companies. Now we know why they are called multi-purpose blank business checks.

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Both the 2-up laser check and the 3-up options boast a diamond background design. 3-up checks do not have stubs though but both of them have advanced security features to make sure that your checks cannot be copied by anyone.

Laser bottom blank checks are also available. These 7.5 inch vouchers are great for those who are having difficulty managing all their business accounts. Now you won't have to wrestle with bookkeeping because with this rather versatile check, you can make any payment from a single format.

You can also easily track all payments you've made because it also gives you and the person you issued the check to a detailed record.