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Top 100 Best Selling Checks

Ever wonder what the top 100 best selling personal checks were? Here is a listing by category of our best sellers. If you like the top stub checks, most of classic check styles come in that format. Personal checks no longer have to be plain and boring. Be sure to add zest and passion to your checking account practices by writing out checks with your favorite cartoon characters, sport, scenic view or designs. Enjoy browsing our colorful line of checks.

Deluxe Corp.

Deluxe Corp.

Deluxe Corp.

Deluxe Corp.
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These 100 Check Designs Top The List

From plain to fanciful, check users over time have established some favorites. Want to know what they are? Predictably, plain or simply background checks in a variety of colors (blue, green and yellow take the lead) appeal to no-nonsense check users who don't feel compelled to make a personal statement with each transaction.

But for those who see checks as another opportunity to show the world who and what they are, what they like and what they stand for, the choices are just about endless. Animal lovers can choose among the gamut from dogs and cats to wildlife, frogs, cartoon zoo characters, butterflies and birds.

Some want to express their patriotism. Choices range from flag designs to representations of the American eagle. You can advertise your wanderlust in scenic views of mountains, romantic lighthouses or tropical sunsets.

Or simply go for whimsy: zebra hide, candies and cupcakes, the stylized skull and crossbones or unusual treatments of flowers, angels - even mundane flip-flops that suddenly become art.

That's plenty of latitude for almost everyone. And when you whip out your personal checks from this selection, you'll know you're in good company, among the top 100 check-users overall.