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Anne Geddes Checks

Anne Geddes is famous for her beautiful photographs of babies. Now her work is brought to you on personal checks. You'll find babies sitting in the strangest places. They are wrapped with butterfly wings, dressed as fairies, and sitting in flower pots which makes this check collection one of the most popular.

A little background information about Anne Geddes helps us appreciate her unique skills. She is a self-taught, Australian-born photographer. Born in 1956, she has become famous internationally for her work in photographing babies. Often dressing babies as fairies, flowers or small animals, she describes herself as a "baby freak."

Anne Geddes books have been published world wide in 83 different countries. Her sales have been near 18 million books and 13 million calendars. Translation has been done in 23 languages. Add Anne Geddes checks to your daily check writing routine and you'll bring smiles to your payees.

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