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Harley Davidson Checks

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Harley Davidson checks are popular with many motorcycle fans. Thanks to two men with a vision, the Harley Davidson legend was born.

The Harley Davidson story goes all the way back to the turn of the last century. In 1901, a young man by the name of William S. Harley completed the first blueprint for an engine designed to fit in a bicycle. Harley joined up with Arthur Davidson to make his vision of a motorized bicycle come true. In 1903 Harley and Davidson made available to the public the first production Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The first bike was built to be a racer. The factory that the team worked out of was a 10 x 15 foot wooden shed that had the words Harley-Davidson Motor Company scrawled across the door. Later, Davidson's brother Walter joined their team efforts. A year later the first Harley-Davidson dealer, C.H. Lang (of Chicago) opened for business. In 1905 the first full-time employee was hired to work for the company in Milwaukee.

In 1906 a new 28 x 80 foot factory was constructed, and six full-time employees were hired. The same year the first motorcycle catalog was produced by the company; within the next year, a third Davidson brother, William, joined the Harley-Davidson team. By the end of the decade, the infamous "Bar and Shield" logo was trademarked and patented exclusively for the Harley-Davidson company.

Over the next two decades, Harley-Davidson had blossomed into the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world and remains so nearly an entire century later. Order Harley Davidson checks today!

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