Free Financial Literacy Downloads

Not only do we offer good prices on ordering your bank checks, we provide you with resources to help you understand your finances a little better. It is our goal to help you make wise financial decisions and to get you to the peaceful stage of financial security. You can download these documents for free. For further information, please go to our personal finance blog.

Consumer Organizations - If you are looking for help with any consumer products, insurance fraud, health and long-term care issues, loss of hearing, keeping up with Washington, Medicare rights, discriminatory banking practices, aging and many other issues, download this free list of names and addresses of organizations that can provide help to you.

Credit Advice

A Consumer's Guide To Credit Cards - Customers can get trapped by credit card companies. Learn how to protect yourself against hidden fees, sudden changes in interest rates and other deceptive practices. Written by the - U.S. Public Interest Research Group (U.S. PIRG)

Mortgage Help

Reverse Mortgages - Read the rules about reverse mortgages and the risks involved in getting this type of mortgage. Offered by Administration of National Banks

Money Management Help

Household Budget Planner - A four page excel spreadsheet created by the American Fair Credit Council. Provides a good budget plan, net worth sheet, recommended percentages for expenditures by category and a three month budget tracking sheet.