Pomeranian Checks


About Pomeranians

Pomeranians are small compact dogs yet are sturdy and possess a rich textured coat and a highly plumed tail. Because of its small size, Pomeranian dogs are considered toy dogs of the Spitz type and are named for Central Europe's Pomerania region, at present times a part northern Poland and eastern Germany.

The earliest Pomeranians were normally white or black. In 1888, a red Pomeranian dog was adopted by Queen Victoria and that caused coat colors to become fashionable in the late 1800's. Meanwhile, modern times have revealed more Pomeranian coat colors than any other dog breed including basic black and white, red, orange, brown, cream, blue, brown and tan, black and tan, brindle, spotted and other combinations of such colors.

Because of their long and thick coat, Pomeranians seek cooler environments and they tend to enjoy lying and sleeping in cold floors or right in front of the fan if it's a small one. When staying outside, they opt for places that are covered in shade.

Typically, Pomeranians are very friendly and playful. These dogs love the company and attention of their owners. They have a high degree of intelligence as well as trainability. To some extent, Pomeranians can be extroverted and may develop the tendency to bark extremely during any situation. They are also quite defensive and can bark at any noise or just about anything that floats their boat.

Featuring Pomeranians in personalized checks will bring amusement to all individuals, dog enthusiast or not. Its friendly face and attributes have made them one of the most popular dog breeds in America, the United Kingdom as well as in Australia.